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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences

Inorganic Chemistry II – Catalyst Design – Professor Dr. Rhett Kempe

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Studieren an der Universität Bayreuth, Pyrolyseofen


  • (Büchi)-Rührautoklaven für Polymerisationsreaktionen
  • Pyrolyseofen (GERO)
  • Glove-Boxen (MBRAUN UNIlab)
  • Fixed Bed-Reaktor
  • Multiple-Test-Reaktor (Parr-High pressure autoclaves)

Studieren an der Universität Bayreuth, Stadivari


  • High Temperature GPC  (Polymer Laboratories GPC 220)
  • Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction - STOE STADIVARI 200K
  • Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction - STOE IPDS2
  • GC and GC-MS (Thermo Electron)
  • ....

Studieren an der Universität Bayreuth, Multikern NMR


  • (Multikern)-NMR (Varian 300 u. 400 MHz)

Studieren an der Universität Bayreuth, Multiple-Test Reaktor


  • Multiple-Test-Reaktor (Parr-High pressure autoclaves)


Below you can find details to the available analytic equipment in our group. We also provide analytic services for external academic and industrial partners. Please contact us for further inquiries and any pricing information.

Polymer Analytics

  • High-Temperature GPC
  • Standard GPC-Analysis

Elemental Analysis

  • CHN-Analysis of organic compounds and organometallics: download order form
  • Equipment: Elementar Vario EL III

Analysis of Chiral Compounds

  • Chiral HPLC-Analysis - Agilent 1200 Series /100-Vial Autosampler - Column: Daicel Chiralpak IB
  • Chiral GC-Analysis - Agilent 6890N / 100-Vial Autosampler - Column: Lipodex E
  • Chiral GC-Analysis - Thermo Electron / 105-Vial Autosampler - Column: Chirasil-Dex CB


  • Multinuclear Liquid Experiments
  • 1D, 2D-Analyses
  • Time-resolved Kinetic Experiments
  • Equipment: Varian Unity INOVA 300 and INOVA 400 & Bruker ARX 250 NMR machines

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