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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences

Inorganic Chemistry II – Catalyst Design – Professor Dr. Rhett Kempe

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Selected Publications

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Freitag, Frederik; Irrgang, Torsten; Kempe, Rhett
Mechanistic Studies of Hydride Transfer to Imines from a Highly Active and Chemoselective Manganate Catalyst
in Journal of the American Chemical Society (2019)
doi:10.1021/jacs.9b05024 ...

Kempe, Rhett
The co-catalyst is the key
in Nature Catalysis vol. 2 (2019) . - pp. 184-185
doi:10.1038/s41929-019-0251-5 ...

Irrgang, Torsten; Kempe, Rhett
3d-Metal Catalyzed N- and C-Alkylation Reactions via Borrowing Hydrogen or Hydrogen Autotransfer
in Chemical Reviews vol. 119 (2019) issue 4. - pp. 2525-2549
doi:10.1021/acs.chemrev.8b00306 ...

Hahn, Gabriela; Kunnas, Peter; de Jonge, Niels; Kempe, Rhett
General synthesis of primary amines via reductive amination employing a reusable nickel catalyst
in Nature Catalysis vol. 2 (2019) . - pp. 71-77
doi:10.1038/s41929-018-0202-6 ...

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